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Whiskey City Rock Bar -- Portland, Oregon - October 3, 2009
By Sonya Brown

My first experience with See Jane Run LIVE was at Arnada Cafe in 1997. The boys were loud, animated, energetic, and very entertaining. I enjoyed their raw star-power, and began religiously following their live shows.

Fast-forward to 2009: Imagine walking into a club, greeted with bear-hugs from friends you haven’t seen in 10 years. That’s exactly what happened, and all the years just turned to dust seeing Brad and David again. The venue was packed, and the crowd was eager to see this much beloved band back in action!

Flanked by Tiki torches igniting the kickoff, SJR perform their classics, including favorites “Lemon”, “Goodbye”, “Sunday”, “Portland”, “I Don’t Want To Be You”... I caught myself singing along several times, and I certainly wasn’t alone. Switching things around a bit, Giles took over on vocals for “Crackerman” (Stone Temple Pilots); and Brad performed “Anything, Anything” (Dramarama). All of the raw energy, sex appeal, and camaraderie turned this event into one kick-ass show with a confetti-filled finale.

When I first received word from Brad that the band would re-unite for a 10-year anniversary show, I was giddy with fan-girl anticipation. The original See Jane Run line-up included: David Graham (Lead Vocals/Guitar), Brad Warfield (Bass/Vocals), Bill (“Dallas”) Buckmaster (Drums), and (later) Giles Muthersbaugh (Guitar/Vocals).

As many bands do, SJR eventually went their separate ways. David Graham moved to Nashville to become a popular country rock performer , and life went by with only memories, photos, a tribute MySpace page, and recordings of this amazing rock-n-roll band.

For this highly anticipated reunion, David flew in from Nashville joining band-mates Brad and Giles; while Mykael Lundstedt took over on percussion in Bill’s absence.

David states that his favorite aspect of the reunion show was just being around the guys again, “We spent so much time together and they are my best friends. Here in Nashville, and [the] music business in general, you just don’t get to connect with people like that very often anymore; and, of course, doing the show and seeing we still had some fans after 10 years was a great feeling.” David is now working on a summer tour and solo release, so watch for him to be touring next summer for his current solo project.

Don’t wait another 10 years, boys. I’m ready NOW for the next gig!