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FAITH AND THE MUSE and Serpentine
with Mistress of Ceremonies DJ Scary Lady Sarah
and special guest SORIAH

Berbati’s Pan, Portland Oregon April 9th; The WOW Hall, Eugene Oregon April 10th

By Sonya Brown with Contributing Writer Jett Black
Live Photos Courtesy of Kristen Brown
Promotional Postcard Courtesy of Brickbat Mansion

:ankoku butoh: Inspiring sensationally talented musical performers to join Monica Richards and William Faith both in the studio and live on tour promoting Mercyground’s latest multi-media release, this album proves the most compelling, and visually stunning collection of new music by Faith & the Muse to-date!

Floating to the surface and into Berbati’s Pan on this evening, we find a small host of Portland, Oregon’s staunch musical underground gathering for this rare opportunity to welcome Faith & The Muse, a guest so seasoned and celebrated in gothic industrial communities worldwide as to have engendered a reputation synonymous with the culture itself.

Music mix by globetrotting DJ Scary Lady Sarah usher the darkly clad into the shadowy recesses soon to be filled with the sonorous vocals of Soriah.

Soriah calls upon an otherworldly experience for tonight’s concert-goers via mysterious costume, movement, and unique throat singing. "Overtone singing" is practiced by the Tuvan people of southern Siberia, where Soriah actually received top accolades at the 2008 Ustuu-Khooree World Music Festival. A fitting tribute to have this world-learned musician usher Faith and The Muse back to Portland.

Faith and The Muse grace the stage with a host of complimentary musicians - including Paul Mercer on violin - and performance art courtesy of Serpentine. Heavy tribal percussion dominated a trance-dance set, complete with Taiko drumming. The attentive crowd is treated to many new favorites, including “Battle Hymn” and “Nine Dragons”.

Beautifully emotional, “Patience Worth”, one of my favorite Faith and The Muse songs of all time, and therefore the highlight of my evening, was eloquently dedicated by William Faith to both of his sisters who were also in attendance for this performance. Another honorable dedication went out to PDX local and Brickbat Mansion DJ, Carolee Harrison.

After the encores ended, I found myself wanting more! So, I was off next to Eugene, Oregon to catch yet another intimate performance. The far less crowded WOW Hall provides an even more intimate, up-close, and very personal experience, which created quite the induction for those attendees previously unfamiliar with Soriah and Faith and The Muse.

Additional details from Aradia of Serpentine Website: ...Serpentine joined William & Monica (Faith & The Muse), Paul Mercer (Ghosts project), Marzia & James (Christ V.S Warhol), Julia Cooke, and Geoff Bruce to launch the new album :Ankoku Butoh:. The tour started in Atlanta for its annual Dragon Con convention.

For more information, please visit Faith and The Muse at Mercyground or on MySpace.