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The Devil’s Carnival
Charles Theatre - Baltimore, MD
By Athena Schaffer

The creative minds behind the cult classic Repo! The Genetic Opera – Terrance Zdunich and Darren Lynn Bousman - have teamed back up for an intriguing new project that The Crowgrrl guarantees will quickly gain if not surpassing the same status! It’s called The Devil’s Carnival, and as the title suggests, it’s an edgy new musical series about a strange amusement park run by the Dark Lord himself! Lucifer and his singing cast of colorful carnies welcome lost souls trying their luck at gaining redemption.

Immerse yourself in the official trailer and stroll the midway to whet your appetite for more! It’s at

Zdunich and Bousman have taken the movie on the road for some exclusive screening events, with different cast members joining them in every city. And these truly are Events – a total Experience - as The Crowgrrl witnessed at their stop at the Charles Theatre in Baltimore, Maryland. The cast member joining them at this stop was the lovely and talented Briana Evigan who played the role of Ms. Merrywood in the movie.

The Baltimore event – like most others on the tour – was completely sold out. Not only that, but there were people sitting in the aisles! And a great time was had by all! Even outside before the crowd enveloping the block was allowed entrance, there were photo ops, excitement, and comraderie. Everyone was infected with excitement and anticipation. The choice of the Charles Theatre was perfect, since the block across the street had “window art” that although was not part of the event, lent itself to the experience anyway, especially with a mannequin of a deranged clown laughing down at the line waiting to enter the venue, adding to the atmosphere. Many passers-by were stopping folks in line asking what was going on, which many of us were more than happy to share, and generate more interest and anticipation.

When everyone was in the theatre and the show was ready to begin, there was a Gothic burlesque show, a costume contest, a behind-the-scenes documentary about Repo! The Genetic Opera, and an introduction to the movie by Zdunich and Bousman.

After the screening of The Devil’s Carnival, we were treated to a Question and Answer session with the movie’s makers, and after that there was an autograph signing session.

Now, as for the movie itself, it can only be described in one word. BRILLIANT! (Not in a Monty Python use of that word, but utterly amazing!) We follow the stories of three sinners sent to the Infernal Regions: a cleptomaniac, a naïve teenager, and a father desperately searching for his lost son. The three souls are dropped into the aforementioned carnival.

But each of their individual stories and circumstances are reflected through Aesop’s Fables (or like) stories. The kleptomaniac is immersed in “The Dog And Its Reflection”. The teenager trusting an attractive male is reflected in “The Scorpion And The Frog”. The third vignette, “The Devil His Due” I don’t remember and can’t find reference of as Aesop’s, but it could’ve been.

The Crowgrrl can’t elaborate on the part I loved best – the profound ending! I won’t ruin it for readers; all I can say is hang on to your seats!

Also without giving too much away, I will say there is an illustrious cast, including the aforementioned Zdunich and Evigan, and also Emilie Autumn, Nivek Ogre, J. LaRose, Shawn Crahan, Sean Patrick Flanery, Bill Moseley, and many more.

I can’t wait until this wonderful movie is released on DVD. It’s definitely going to be included in The Crowgrrl’s personal library!!!