An Exciting New Film Concept Directed By John Cody Fasano, Produced By John Fasano and Jon Michael Thor!

Thunderous news is emanating from Asgard itself – The Rock Warrior THOR is set to release a new movie and soundtrack: THOR – THE ROCK OPERA!

Filmed in California, Florida and Canada, the feature film THOR – THE ROCK OPERA stars Jon Mikl Thor (RNR Nightmare, Zombie Nightmare), Dan Roebuck (Lost, The Fugitive), Leslie Easterbrook (Police Academy, Halloween), Mark McCauley (The Punisher, Monster)!

The movie was produced by John Fasano (Universal Soldier, Darkness Falls) and Jon Mikl Thor, and directed by John Fasano’s son John Cody Fasano, who also wrote the screenplay based on the character from the 1982 Graphic Novel THOR-Rock Warrior by Jon Mikl Thor. As well as an adrenalin pounding soundtrack to be released on the surprisingly successful independent label Vulcan Sky Records distributed by Smog Veil Records, the movie promises to deliver high action and horror in this mythological suspense thriller.

THOR-Soundtrack is a very special album for Jon Mikl Thor. It reunited platinum award winning producer Ken Burke of Burkeville Productions and Jon to remix, record and re-master a very powerful, melodic and epic roster of songs that had to represent the impact of the THOR-The Rock Opera movie.

Special advance previews will be presented at selected events including the North American Premiere at the Shock Stock Film Festival in London, Ontario on April 29. THOR: The Rock Opera will also be distributed in select theatres in North America. At the Muskel Rock Festival in Sweden on June 2 – 4, Jon Mikl Thor will also MC the THOR International Film Festival which will feature All THOR, all the time, and include Rock ‘N Roll Nightmare, Zombie Nightmare, Recruits, Ride From Hell, and more!

THOR will perform live at shows - with guitarist Steve Price, drummer Mike Favata throughout the USA, Canada and Europe - which will also show the movie. Guitarist Mike Kischnick who worked with Jon on Triumphant and Devastation Of Musculation is planning to join the band in Canada and Europe.

Jon Mikl Thor holds celebrity rights and trademark rights to THOR Rock Warrior as he has portrayed the real THOR (his character created by Jon Mikl Thor) in movies, recordings, live Rock concerts, and comic books for over four decades.

Like his heroes Steve Reeves (Hercules Unchained) and Arnold Schwarzenegger (Conan the Barbarian), Jon Mikl Thor was a champion body builder winning Mr. Canada, Mr. USA, and Mr. Universe before indulging in a lifelong career as a Rock star and Movie actor.

The movie Zombie Nightmare in which Jon Mikl Thor starred with Adam West (Batman) and Tia Carrere (Wayne’s World) was recently re-released on DVD. Jon also wrote and produced the music for the feature motion picture.

THOR is the machine that knows no time barriers. He is unstoppable!


Press Release by Athena Schaffer