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Music News: James Steele Salutes Spinal Tap

About five days before November 11, guitarist James Steele got the idea to do a song in honor of that legendary guitar god and Stonehenge authority, Nigel Tufnel, to be released on 11/11/11. It was a crazy schedule but James was driven to get this finished. In five days he wrote, recorded, and with the help of Jim Watson who played drums and mixed, got "It Goes To Eleven" finished and up on iTunes.

If that wasn't enough, James also got a crazy idea to make a video (even though he doesn’t yet have all the members of the touring band assembled) by 11/11/11. Somehow it got done with the help of great people like Robert Concha, Richard Fox and Alex Popov-- but James hasn’t slept now for two days, but he thinks the end result was worth it. It's full 1080p HD! So does The Crowgrrl! It’s definitely a fun video. Check it out!

The Crowgrrl also highly recommends that readers support independent musicians like James by going to Amazon and getting the single as soon as it’s up!! (He’s got other songs available there that you should check out, too!)


by Athena Schaffer