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Blackest of the Black Festival

The upcoming Blackest of the Black Festival is an event to not be missed - it promises to be an incredible immersive experience! The brainchild of the legendary Glenn Danzig, this event is billed not just as a music festival but as a total "Escape" from the mundane.

Coming to Oak Canyon Park in Silverado, CA in Orange County on Memorial Day Weekend, Friday, May 26th and Saturday, May 27th, Blackest Of The Black will host two music stages, curated by Danzig, with performances by some of the heaviest acts around including Danzig, Ministry, Suicidal Tendencies, Devil Driver, Belphegor, Marduk, Atreyu, Vamps, Corrosion of Conformity, Venom Inc., Discharge, Combichrist, Butcher Babies, 3 Teeth, Ghoul, Ritual, and more. The festival will also feature camping, and a number of sinister attractions including Castle Danzig -- a fully immersive walkthrough experience of pain, pleasure, and metal, based on the music and graphic novels of Glenn Danzig

The Castle Danzig attraction is a fully interactive festival experience in torture, pain, and metal. Based on the music and graphic novels from Glenn Danzig, fans will get to fully experience being placed in stocks, torture on the rack, and some light electrocution. Just past the tree graveyard, Torture Countess Drukija will guide attendees though their first virgin sacrifice before relaxing into a nice warm blood bath. The world's foremost suspension artist will be hanging only the most daring fans from hooks, and suspending them up to 20ft in the air. And if the fans are feeling crazy, like really crazy, they will have the opportunity to wriggle into a straight jacket and chill out in the padded cell, where their friends can watch them freak out on video. Castle Danzig is the perfect place to get a little blood on your clothes, and get that selfie only a sicko would like.

Other attractions include thrill rides, freak performers, and a Sugar Skull Painting contest for a chance to win a meeting with Glenn Danzig himself!

Some really impressive VIP packages are also available for the festival.

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~Athena Schaffer