Louisa John-Krol - "The Green Lady"

(Courtesy of Louisa John-Krol)

Main Label: Prikosnovenie, France.

Direct from Australia, Louisa John-Krol has just released her first self-directed music video for the new single "The Green Lady" from Elderbrook: "The Green Lady"

"Escalder the Green Lady is in Louisa's Elderbrook Chronicles (books & soundtrack forthcoming as of 2016), danced by Rachael Hammond, with singing by Louisa John-Krol & videography by Ian Clarke. Music by Louisa, Mark Krol & Brett Taylor, produced by BT at Pilgrim Arts. Actors: Zeinab Yazdanfar, Melissa Rose Tonkin, LJK; costumery by Rachael, Melissa & Zeinab; horned tentacle mask by Vincent Cantillon. Provenance of song circa 1980 - 2015."

You can also hear the witch's Singing Fountains at the welcome portal to the unfolding Elderbrook Chronicles.

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