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David Bowie

The celestial night sky does not sparkle as brightly as it recently had – one glowing star no longer shines his light on us. The world is a seriously darker place now that the legendary David Bowie has passed away.

The musical icon lost a very private battle he had been waging for the past 18 months with liver cancer. He reportedly crossed over peacefully, surrounded by family and friends.

Ironically, he passed just days from his January 8th birthday (which, interestingly, he shared with Elvis Presley). He had just turned 69 years old. He was born David Jones, but because of the fame of The Monkees’ Davy Jones, he changed his name to avoid confusion.

Bowie’s most recent album, “Blackstar” (his 25th Studio Album) was released on his 69th birthday, mere days before he crossed over. Check out the official video from that album.

No one has seen more ch-ch-ch-changes as the chameleon-like Bowie did in his career, constantly re-inventing himself. (My personal favorite of his personas was his Goblin King from the movie “Labyrinth” era). The man was an undisputable creative genius! Books could be written on his myriad transformations, so we seriously don’t have the space here in these few words honoring his legacy. We’ve got the most popular – Ziggy Stardust – to the Jean Genie to the toned-down Let’s Dance era, etc., etc. And the world can never forget his Xmas special duet with Bing Crosby on “The Little Drummer Boy” – a true holiday classic!

A true Entertainer, he may have started in the world of Glam Rock music, but also dominated any other venture he branched out into – including film. The aforementioned “Labyrinth” comes to mind, as does “The Man Who Fell To Earth”, “The Hunger”, “Basquiat”, etc. His IMDB resume is quite impressive indeed for his many contributions to film and television.

He will always be with us in spirit by the power of the volumes of music he left behind. Despite that bittersweet comfort, we will still miss him!

~Athena Schaffer