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Dr. Sarcofiguy
Interview by Athena Schaffer

Horror host Dr. Sarcofiguy has never failed to entertain us with his wit and wisdom, and now he’s sharing yet another dimension of himself with us – a fun musical romp known as Demo(ns): The Many Moods of Dr. Sarcofiguy.

The cover notes hint at a split-personality disorder known as “Omni-PanPolaric”, and indeed each of the songs on this album has a style and personality all its own, each one a brilliantly colored segment of a musical kaleidoscope.

Lon Chaney may have been known as the “Man of a Thousand Faces”, but Dr. Sarcofiguy – er, his alter-ego John Dimes – is on his way to catching up. Besides his Horror Host duties and musical career, this multi-faceted entertainer is also an Author, Illustrator, Comedian, and Actor. He’s written several novels, including the graphic novel “Tales of Home”, the surreal thriller “Coincidissonance”, “Intracations”, and the mockumentary guidebook “The White Corpse Hustle: A Guide for the Fledgeling Vampire”.

Excellent new album! Kudos! There sure are plenty of different musical moods on there – what are your personal musical inspirations?

Thank you, my dear! My personal musical inspirations run the gamut: George Clinton, Bootsy Collins, Prince, Thomas Dolby, Bjork, Frank Sinatra, and Bobby McFerrin.

Do the lyrics come first? Does the music come first? What is the songwriting process like for you?

Usually the lyrics and the song, or melody, happen nearly simultaneously. And sometimes the lyrics happen afterwards as it did with "Nosferatu" and "To Be Near To You." I basically repurposed the music tracks for both songs. I won't say which song came first, though it may be obvious for those with a keen ear! Hee!

”Nosferatu” is definitely the most fun song on the album! But why two versions when the original is brilliant?

I had two versions because I loved Jerry Moore's metal guitar licks so much, that I didn't want to throw that out. It was just too good. And thanks for saying that the song was brilliant. You are so very, very good for my ego, Love.

You get inside the creatures’ heads in both “Butter (This Hot Monster Soul)” and “Never Jeckyll, Always The Hyde”. Can you get more into depth about how those two treasures came about?

For "Butter" I basically extended on the articulate monster riff as established in the movie *Young Frankenstein*. How The Monster would explain the dire circumstances of his creation, his existence, in song. For "Never The Jeckyll," I was truly, or closely inspired by Anthony Hopkins from his performances in the various "Hannibal Series" of films. It's a very cavalier approach to murder put to music, you know?

Is that a calliope that we hear in “My Girlfriend Is On Fire”?

Yes, as churned out from the ever talented Adam Levowitz of Monster Madhouse fame. He is instrumental (hah!) in performing all of the great incidental music on The Monster Madhouse Show. I was glad that I got to collaborate with him on the song.

Are all those voices yours in the two a-cappella tracks, “Buccal Nudity” and “A Brief History”?

Yes, those are all my voices, ala Bobby McFerrin, which, incidentally, is how I compose my songs. I don't really play an instrument. So I hum all of the lines, all the loose arrangements into a recorder for musicians to hear what I want. It is a technique brilliant employed by Bill Cosby on one release in particular that I own: "Where You Lay Your Head."

What’s your personal favorite song on the new album?

I love the song "Lost" because it's the most "Dark Shadows" out of all the songs. The lyrics are very erudite/cliffside/bodice snatching! HAH!

Any video plans for any songs?

I hope to be collaborating with a few folks very soon. It's all in the timing. The availability of everyone I'm trying to get together. There is, however, a video already in existence for "Intracations" available on Youtube. That one was produced, edited, directed by C.W. Prather.

Any stories behind the cover art?

Well, I do enjoy Tiki art. I wanted to illustrate something that was primitive. Something that was suited to the comically primal pathology of the work. Like a headhunter shrink, before he actually shrinks one's head!

How did you round up your collaborators on the album?

I've known most of these brilliant musicians for years, and I just wanted a chance to work with them in an odd situation. Some of these tracks were created back when I was still singing full time. So, it was an opportunity to "dust" some of it off, give them new legs.

Any plans to perform these songs live?

Oh, there are plans for a live thing sometime in October. Venue undetermined, but it will definitely be a part of the Spooky Movie Film Festival festivities in some fashion.

Besides the album and your books, do you have any other Dr. Sarcofiguy merch available?

Well, there's a few collections of the Spooky Movie show coming out on dvd. And another video project commemorating my 15 years as a horror host.

Speaking of books, any new releases coming out soon?

No new books other than the current one, which is the well-received THERE ARE NO BAD MOVIES (ONLY BAD AUDIENCES) available on

What other irons do you have in the fire right now?

Jeremy Irons. HAHAHAHAHAH! I'm working on a original story for my blog. It's an illustrated sci-fi comedy thing. *I, ROBOT* meets *The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy*. More on that as I get closer to finishing all of the illustrations.

How Hands-On are you with your Website, Facebook and Myspace pages?

I'm very hands-on with the Facebook, and my Dr. Sarcofiguy's Current Lie Blog. The Myspace stuff is kinda convoluted and scary, and I stay away from Myspace!

Is there anything that I didn’t ask that you want to tell our readers?

You didn't ask how much do I love my fans? AND YOU! I LOVE YOU ALLLLLL, thank you very much!