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An Autumn For Crippled Children
Interview by Athena Schaffer

As leaves begin changing color and a crispness fills the air, one way to celebrate some of the more somber moods of the season is to permeate the soundwaves with the excellent album Everything from An Autumn For Crippled Children.

Just like the Eleusinian Mysteries, this band is shrouded in secrecy. The cryptic band members are simply known as vocalist/guitarist/keyboardist MXM, bassist TXT, and drummer CXC. Their “official band photo” is nothing more than a blur, and not much is known about them except they’re based in the Netherlands.

Therefore, the music itself has to speak for itself. It does so eloquently! AAFCC have combined elements of Black, Doom, and Death Metal infused with a large dose of melancholy. It has a dark beauty, like moonlight flickering on facets of a black diamond.

The Crowgrrl caught up with the elusive MXM via e-mail to find out more about this eclectic band and their intriguing music.

Why all the secrecy surrounding the band? Why don’t you want listeners to know more about An Autumn For Crippled Children?

People can know everything about AAFCC, just nothing about the members. We want people to concentrate on the music instead of the musicians.

What is the significance behind the band’s name?

It's a slightly altered song title from the UK band Ebony Lake. The atmosphere that radiates from the name is what spoke to us first. It's also a standout name, people will hopefully be intrigued.

Who does most of the songwriting for the band?

We all do songwriting, we all do lyrics too.

Do the lyrics come first? Does the music come first? What is the songwriting process like for you?

It depends, sometimes the music comes first, sometimes a lyrical idea. We all work on bits, songs, ideas at home and work on them at rehearsals.

"I Am The Veil" is an excellent song! What are your inspirations behind that one?

Lyrically it's about the suffocation of an unhealthy relationship in combination with medication abuse.

"Her Dress As A Poem, Her Death As The Night" is chilling! Can you tell us more about that one?

That's the more doomier side of AAFCC, it's totally My Dying Bride worship. The lyrical is about a death of a friend.

"Nothing_Everything" is wonderfully abstract – can you tell us more about this song?

It speaks about the philosophical idea that both are actually the same. If you have Everything you have Nothing, if you have Nothing you have Everything.

What’s your personal favorite song on the new album?

Nothing/Everything, the euphoric feeling and the way it builds, it's one of our most accomplished songs.

Any video plans for any songs?

Yes, maybe... there's an official video for Formlessness. We have to find some time to do another video.

There’s a special 8 page booklet with the first 500 albums? Tell us more about it?

As far as I'm aware of all cd's will come with a 8 page booklet.

I love the album cover! (I’m partial to corvids). Any stories behind the cover art?

Not sure what kind of birds they are. They are stock photo's. We absolutely loved the atmosphere of the photo's. They radiate a kind of melancholic feeling. We also wanted a more stripped down approach to both the music and the visuals.

Do you plan to play live or tour?

Not in the near future.

Is there anything that I didn’t ask that you want to tell our readers?

We love you.