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Collide: Vortex
Release Date: 2004
Label: Noiseplus Music

Vortex: features remixes of original songs by Collide appearing initially upon Chasing the Ghost (CD 2000) and Some Kind of Strange (CD 2003), both albums available via the NoisePlus Music catalogue, plus three new covers of songs originally recorded by other music artists: Front Line Assembly; Adam and the Ants; Love and Rockets.

Somewhere, spinning softly in a remote corner of this universe, molten musical gears, deftly manipulated by euphoric young gods, serenade Seraphina who with razor sharp angelic vocals reciprocate, giving rise and momentum to the Vortex drawing tempestuously deep down into a dense crease of temporal space all that matters.      Slithering inside the Vortex, cryptic audio interference strips away the epithelial layers of all things, predatorily clinging, that beg you to believe; revealing, at last, the psychosomatic symmetry of inexpressible beauty restless beneath the skin.

Awaken now; plug-in and download a symphonic journey through this Vortex of preconscious sensation into the great expanse of auto-erotic experiences as yet envisioned only within the ecstatic mind's-eye-collective of a lunatic asylum.

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01.    Euphoria    (Emirian Mix - Charlie Clouser)     6:33
02.     Feed me to the Lions    (Collide - covering Adam & The Ants)      4:07
03.    Slither Thing    (Amish Rake Fight Mix - Mike Fisher)     4:37
04.    Razor Sharp    (Dull Mix - Wade Alin/Christ Analogue)      3:59     
05.    Like You Want to Believe    (Antistatic Mix - Remko vander Spek/Orphanage)      3:54     
06.    The Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum     5:35
07.    Predator  by Front Line Assembly    (Final Mix - Collide)     4:30
08.    Crushed     (5am Heavenly Mix - Dave Simpson)     4:57
09.    Wings of Steel     (Core Mix - Nils Schulte) 6:36
10.    Halo    (Sensory Gate Aura Mix - A. Pozzi/F. Corsini)     7:49
11.    Inside     (Shoe Gazing Mix - Kevin Kipnis/Purr Machine)     5:57
12.    Somewhere    (Orchestral Mix - Mark Walk)     3:06
13.    Frozen    (Chill Mix - Statik)    7:38


14.    Haunted When the Minutes Drag    (Collide - covering Love and Rockets)    7:44
15.    Tempted    (Conjure One Mix - Rhys Fulber)     6:29
16.    Crushed    (Fragment Mix - Vincent Saletto)     7:23
17.    Like You Want to Believe    (Cylab) Mix - Percy Trayanov)     4:12
18.    Crushed    (Out of Control Mix - Jesse Maddox)     4:23
19.    Wings of Steel    (The Sound of Glass Mix - Aaron McDonald)     3:29
20.    Inside    (External Mix - Wade Alin/Christ Analogue)     4:21
21.    Crushed    (Now Forgotten Mix - Ian Ross/Flesh Field)     5:54
22.    Wings of Steel    (Headache Mix - hEADaCHE/CEOXiME)     3:28
23.    Like You Want To Believe    (Bondango's Twisted Acid mix - Marty Ball/Bondango)    4:48
24.    Crushed    (Scored Mix - Shane Terpening)     5:27
25.    Wings of Steel    (Astro Sensorium Mix -Oleg Skrynnik)     7:04
26.    Euphoria    (Tears Mix - J. Constantine and A. Ruggles of LiveBlood)     4:43

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~Jett Black