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Collide: Some Kind of Strange
Release Date: 2003
Label: Noiseplus Music

"Curiouser and curiouser!" cried Alice. "Now I’m opening out like the largest telescope that ever was! Good-bye, feet!"

[Alice In Wonderland, Ch. 2; Lewis Carroll.]

Oh my fur and whiskers!  As the glycogenolytic euphoria of kaRIN's absinthine vox melts away my inhibitions, and my mind begins to succumb to the music, I realise just how deeply I have missed listening to this album by Collide!   Lost along the lonely road of love's labours lost, memories bound to the physical senses linger, drifting languidly amid the hazy distortion of negative feedback.   Watery echoes resonate against the walls of deep wells dropping down from above onto the lovely roadway. Bombarded by all these collaborative noise elements, Some Kind of Strange reminds us that "we can't stop thinking, can't stop feeling, can't stop dreaming", all the way "re-arranging". So long as we live and breathe, we must "go on changing", and telling a mind that never sleeps that this is "all that matters in the end."

Much like the menagerie of confusing emotions flooding through young love's crush, Some Kind of Strange explores the electro body movements [EBM] through the freeform art of dance; music made for stretching out the dusty cobwebs cluttering minds ever busily "peeling back the layers" in order to understand just what the hell went wrong.

Several talented musical guests provide remarkable contributions to various songs on this album.   cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy) sits in the drum cage, punctuating live percussion on "Euphoria", an insidiously intoxicating jaunt back down the rabbit hole.   Rogerio Silva alternating between both the electric and acoustic, wafts an axe through several tracks including "Euphoria", "Mutation", "Tempted", "Slither Thing", "Modify", "Shimmer", and "Complicated".   Danny Carey (Tool) dishes up live drums on "Somewhere".   Mike Fisher (Amish Rake Fight) shatters the remix on "Slither Thing". Kevin Kipnis (Purr Machine) adds electric guitar and bass to "Euphoria", and electric guitar on "Inside", and "Complicated".   And the list of contributors and talents scrolls on...   See more inside the album liner notes.

Recommendation:   Keep a medicinal bottle of Chartreuse nearby as this music plays on the sensory cortex, resulting in mild impressions of floating, drifting and succumbing to the ebb and flow of emotional tides.

01.    Crushed    5:20    Lyrics    
02.    Euphoria    5:27    Lyrics    
03.    Modify    5:56    Lyrics    
04.    Somewhere    6:17    Lyrics    
05.    Slither Thing    4:00    Lyrics    
06.    Inside    4:10    Lyrics    
07.    Mutation    4:30    Lyrics    
08.    Tempted    6:44    Lyrics    
09.    Shimmer    5:25    Lyrics    
10.    Complicated    4:37    Lyrics    
11.    So Long    4:06    Lyrics    

Audio auditions available on the album page at

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~Jett Black