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The Secret Meeting: Ultrashiver
Release Date: 2007
Label: Noiseplus Music


As the elliptical noctem of ghostly black and white cinematography flickers upon stuttering high-fashion cascading along a strobelit catwalk, Dean Garcia, the ethereal ghost of Curve, warmly melts a symphony of varied instrumentation into the honey-thick vox of kaRIN, complimented further by Statik with additional percussion, programming, and bits of guitar.   Upholding the verity of the name, Collide smashes through the box of tacitly defined perameters to establish this side-project now known as The Secret Meeting.    Prior to the dissolution of Curve many fans of Collide reverently compared the duo with that of Curve; Dean Garcia and Toni Halliday.   If music fans ever imagined what it could be like to blend the two influences of Collide and Curve into one delicate dish, such musing has certainly borne fruit in Ultrashiver, the debut release of The Secret Meeting, a collaborative studio project under the umbrella of NoisePlus Music.    kaRIN and Statik, respectively, share a deep history of collaborative accomplishments with many other musicians. For a complete pictoral list of discography resulting from productive collaborations, CLICK HERE to visit that specific page location inside; then, each album image (when clicked upon) leads to a fully detailed page for that selection. Contemplative lyrics escape like warm breath onto a darkened, crisp, and bitter cold recess between honeycombed apartment doors on the second floor landing of a generic suburban reliquary of the obnoxious human infestation. The breath strangely lingers, visibly cooling before ever so slowly dissipating. In that space of time, the eyes fixate upon this errie curiosity and the music of The Secret Meeting emerges inevitably as the mind's gears slowly wrap around the physical mysteries involved, drawing forth the brooding preconscious occupations alluded to by music unfolding within Ultrashiver; ten sensual tracks designed to dissolve the icy chill between writhing bodies on any dance floor.   Music perfect for any slow exodus from the burning lights of urban culture and into the wild, untamed world beyond city limits.   Delumenate, and elevate the audio, "imaginate" and enjoy the "touch" of skin brushing upon skin.   Two tracks from this album, "Shooting Laser Beams" and "Shiver X", spun off to develop full-length single releases, complete with multiple mix variations and creative new cover artwork, and complimented even further by the additional inclusion of previously unreleased music.  


01.  Touch   (4:22)
02.  Am I Here?   (5:44)
03.  Every Little Thing   (4:54)
04.  Beautiful Noise Machine   (4:17)
05.  Blacker Than Blue   (6:46)
06.  SoulCreeper   (4:22)
07.  Shooting Laser Beams   (5:02)
08.  Forwards and Sideways   (4:05)
09.  Shiver X   (5:11)
10.  Imaginate   (6:18)

* Shooting Laser Beams includes also The Humble Brothers Mix of "Blacker Than Blue" and the previously unreleased cut, "Deep Freeze".

* Shiver X includes also "Stargazing" (previously unreleased)

~Jett Black