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Edward Ka-Spel: Minus Touch
Release Date: 2010
Label: Beta-lactam Ring Records

It has been said that I am far too lenient on Edward Ka-Spel and The Legendary Pink Dots.

It’s not fair for me to be too tough on Edward, however. By now he knows that he could burp into a microphone while the Silverman plays keyboards and it would be heralded by some as genius. Fortunately, Edward never dares to rest on past success, and is his own worst critic. I’m not saying this release is for everyone. It might not even be for every LPD fan, but it is solid work… just like what you have come to expect, yet also very different! The more you surrender to an Edward Ka-Spel project, the more it rewards you. Minus Touch is no different.

If you have been looking to surrender an hour of time to a well-conceived “concept” album, now is your chance. Masterfully crafted and irreverent enough to even poke some fun at itself, Minus Touch is a journey worth taking!

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~Alexavier S. Strangerz