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Grigori 3: Exile
Release Date: 2006
Label: Dark Star Records

Industrial, Goth-Metal

Chicago, IL: Thrashing guitar-driven intros ignite an incendiary oil slick beneath the haunting vocals of Gwen Bartolini with music most certainly destined to complete the next cinematic gothic-horror soundtrack. Fans of Nightwish, Lacuna Coil, Bile, Hanzel & Gretyl, and Genitorturers will be most intrigued by this quartet's artistic blending of ostentacious dark metal music stylings. Grigori 3 compose and execute a relentlessly aggressive gauntlet of anthemic ballad overtures amid pervasively danceable deliveries. Bartolini allures and taunts with a honey-smooth Celtic lilt in her vocals. Pulsating beats turbo-energize each track for maximum stomp'n groove effect.


01 Intro
02 The System
03 Visions
04 Awakening
05 Kindred
06 Shadows
07 Defende
08 Feast (N.S.V.)
09 Silently Breeding
10 Megotholis
11 Night Aire
12 Think Me Wicked (Exile)
13 Awakening (Alternative Mix)

~Jett Black