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Experimental Blue: Aggression Depression Addiction
Release Date: 2001
Label: Independent

Aggression Depression Addiction: An innovative production, splitting vocals raw with angst and drunken energy. Fabulous audio composition decisions layer sampled noise within varied reverb levels effectively generating a seemingly endless series of cascading echoes, capturing those elusive, delirious moments in time often slowed down by the mind's eye; a coping mechanism to facilitate data-processing and the potential of survival amid the fragmented chaos of violent aggression and the depressing shock of addiction. Kudos to Blue Christ! Few music artists ever manage to bottle these moments into music quite so well.

Just as stunning... the fact that this music artist did not rush the process to satisfy the defining limitations of a Radio-Edit. The sense of disequilibrium induced by audio infusions carefully timed for that altered-states effect must be experienced to be appreciated. I would recommend first enjoying this album absolutely clean and sober. Otherwise, your mind will never recognize the difference!

Song listing:
1. We Sacrifice Our Innocence
2. Fight Back
3. Evil
4. I Just Want To Go Away
5. Nothing Is A Real Thrill Anymore
6. Addiction
7. Lies

~Jett Black