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Download: HElicopTEr
Release Date: 2009
Label: Subconscious Communications


God bless cEvin Key! I don’t know what I was doing in 2009, but it must have been important as I missed the existence of HElicopTEr until just a month ago. Well, I’m not too busy now, and this electronic powerhouse of an album is destined to become one of my favorites by this Skinny Puppy side-project. A close cousin to the PlatEAU release, Gort Spacebar, which I also just discovered. These albums were created on the same label, produced in the same studio, and most likely with the same instruments, but they are their own creations.

Knowing Download’s past ability to turn up the noise, I wasn’t certain what to expect with an album named HElicopTEr. It’s good to have either no expectations-- or in this case blown ones-- as this disc is relentless right from the start. Something else that is very rare for cEvin in his many incarnations is holding a 4/4 beat, but don’t worry – there is enough added bleeps, blurps, and syncopated rhythms to keep your interest.

This is a full-on download release. Marrying the noisy ways of yesteryear with the dance oriented. Don’t let this fabulous release slip by!


01 Propeller
02 Bell 47
03 HUT
04 Decadence
05 Lift
06 Message From Gort
07 Radio Silence
08 Pilot's Requiem
09 Landed
10 Beati

~Alexavier S. Strangerz