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Cyanotic: Transhuman
Release Date: May 2005
Label: Glitch Mode Recordings / Cracknation

Transhuman: Deeply perceptive and intuitive intellectual opinions reflecting upon the progression of the status quo within these united states; the very heart and center of the peripherally circulating world at-large. This album stimulates my psycho-aggressive fantasy cortex wherein I imagine myself, allied with a rogue warrior mercenary crew, leaping into the saddle of a rapid-fire artillery gun mount, cranking the ear-splitting volume subordinate only to the deafening hum of gunfire, as we go rolling at top-speed through an apocalyptic Mid-East (waste-dump) territory, firing relentlessly in sync with the non-stop pace of each song on this album. In this dream, the ammunition is inexhaustible.

Style: Blistering punk attitude layered upon syncopated percussion, and a relentless electro life-line of rhythm phazing like a glorious acid trip as it blissfully rocks and rips the mind to shreds.

Sampled audio clips: Inserted pervasively throughout the album, and simply golden treasures waiting to be discovered.

Favorite song/lyrics: "Sensory Deprivation"

"Make no mistake," Cyanotic tells it like it is!

12 Songs:
01. Frequency In Cycles
02. Order Out Of Chaos
03. Insurgence
04. Transhuman
05. Deface
06. Axiom
07. Suspension Of Disbelief
08. Actuator
09. Sensory Deprivation
10. Beta Blocker
11. Antithesis
12. Higher States Of Consciousness

~Jett Black