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Collide: Chasing The Ghost
Release Date: 2000
Label: Noiseplus Music

Yes, of course. Who has time? Who has time?
But then, if we never *take* time,
how can we have time?

[The Merovingian, The Matrix Reloaded]

  Ecstasy & Remorse:   Frozen in time atop a seething cycle, unable to plug-in or download external audio, my mind yet remains enveloped, nay, fully-marinated, by the burning acid Collide music cover of "White Rabbit."   Gotta have it.   Can't shake it;   So, I race back home, desperate for the succour of aural penetration.   And as I begin to feed my head with the rustling whisper of kaRIN's vocal massage, tempered by Statik's deftly electrified fingers upon twisting knobs and wicked instrumentation, "Wings of Steel" rips through the omnipotent lunacy of my hindsight, evoking especially haunted cognitive patterns, oscillating on those words which give this album its title, "chasing the ghost of time."

Isolating a theme for the entire album dictates acceptance of somewhat subtle, yet pervasive visions emerging during each and every audition of this music collection.

Chasing the Ghost channels psychosomatic energy into the stained and unstable emotional vortex of sensuality and regret which like a deep river of richly hormonal ecstasy surges through the mind; when allowed this freedom from any learned mechanism of self-restraint. Tread carefully, my swollen heart warns, for the path not well worn may become treacherous, reanimating entrenched memory files riddled with the quagmires of desire and remorse.

And, so, for neither the first nor the last time, I feel a bit like Alice in Wonderland, as Lewis Carroll must have intended for readers to understand the purpose of Alice; as an archetypal figure of the average consumer bombarded with fear-mongering directives, which often conflict with pure common sense; posed perhaps by the more dominant commercial interests of society.   As such, and in this state of mind, I find myself looking through the back of my skull into the error of my wayward journies of the heart, now struggling as though running through metric tons of water at the bottom of an ocean, chasing the ghost of all those things that have gone before this moment; the plague of aging is the realization of futility over all that one cannot change or control, including, most significantly, all the words and deeds which cannot be undone, or retracted.   Despite the healing of all wounds over time, despite the compounding interest of complacency, which plays a more interactive role over time, the consequences of retrospection include the autonomic liberation of memory files stored into random access conduits.   Chasing the Ghost accurately assists the conscious mind to open all the appropriate subconscious channels.   So, be it remorse, or be it desire, the listener is suddenly thrust into the moment, engulfed by the tide of energy flowing in every direction that the moment allows.

Recommendations: Endlessly loop the audio, elevate the bass and move slowly by candle-light deeper into the folds of your heart's desire.

01.    Transfer    3:58    Lyrics    
02.    Wings of Steel*     5:36    Lyrics    
03.    Razor Sharp    4:52    Lyrics    
04.    Dreamsleep     5:23    Lyrics    
05.    White Rabbit     3:41    Listen    
06.    Frozen*     5:01    Lyrics    
07.    Halo     6:18    Lyrics    
08.    Monochrome     4:56    Lyrics    
09.    Ocean     5:25    Lyrics    
10.    Like You Want To Believe*     3:39    Lyrics    

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~Jett Black