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The Birthday Massacre: Violet (LP)
Release Date: August 2005
Label: Metropolis Records

Electronic: Rock-Alternative / Electronica

Toronto, ON - Smashing genre-centric limitations, The Birthday Massacre band members: Chibi, Rainbow, M.Falcore, Owen, Rhim, O.E., following the release of their Violet (EP), unleash four additional tracks on Violet (LP) via Metropolis Records. New Wave-era electronica melodies mix with Chibi's Pop-candescent vocal skills to target light-hearted, fun loving retro music fans with an inclination toward the darker (and perhaps more horrific) side of the dancefloor. Imagine a perkier and more seductive version of Garbage, or Switchblade Symphony with a vocal finesse honed and heated to melt an iceberg. Latching onto these characteristics, The Vampire Diaries television series sends "Happy Birthday" (Track 03 from this album) sweeping over the opening titles on "162 Candles" (TVD: season 1, episode 8). Every vocal track on Violet (which excludes "Prologue") carries the full potential to delight and entertain from start to finish; (46:15).

Currently, the band is working on their fourth full-length album, looking ahead to the North American release of their Show and Tell live DVD (it's out in Europe now!), and preparing for more live tour performances in 2010.


01. Prologue
02. Lovers End
03. Happy Birthday
04. Horror Show
05. Violet
06. Red
07. Play Dead
08. Blue
09. Video Kid
10. The Dream
11. Black
12. Holiday
13. Neverland

~Jett Black