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And One: Aggressor
Release Date: 2003
Label: (USA) Metropolis Records

A solid album, Aggressor is widely considered And One's And One's most aggressive and most EBM influenced album and also the band's first album sung entirely in German. Male vocals herein are deep, sometimes growling, yet ever and always silky-smooth and seductively charming like dark chocolate with an unmistakably bitter aftertaste of arrogance. While clearly channelling Depeche Mode stylings, Aggressor also pays homage to Front Line Assembly, Nitzer Ebb, and Front 242; perhaps even a bit of NIN meets Gary Numan at the beginning. Different parts of the songs on Aggressor exhibit beautifully distinct femme vox choral enhancements; although, I am unclear as to whom these additional vocals belong.


01. Kein Anfang    (Traditionally drole and moody intro)
02. Schwarz    (Dark Synthpop invitation to heat-up onto the dancefloor)
03. Krieger    (Furtively alluring DM-esque, very satisfying)
04. Sternradio    (Campy, yet easily a favourite)
05. Speicherbar    (Goose-neck gyrating EBM pulsations)
06. Fehlschlag    (Hyper robotic EBM step master mode: ON!)
07. Für Immer    (Neurotic EBM Trance-Dance
08. Einstieg    (techno noise loops until near end: submerged megaphone vox)
09. Strafbomber   (hard hitting STOMP, "aggressive" Industrial/EBM!)
10. Fernsehapparat    (Vocals - Chris Ruiz; taunting vox; heavy EBM organ)
11. Tote Tulpen    (soft, tranquil, almost whispering vox, bedroom dialogue)
12. Kein Ende    (sub-BladeRunner-esque outtro)

~Jett Black