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HMB: Great Industrial Love Affairs
Release Date: 2001
EURO-Label: Flatline USA-Label: WTII Records

Industrial-trance / EBM

Ranking still as the one album most certain to escape music criticism, HMB boldly slides this release into my dwindling collection of forever indispensible recordings. Scintillating tracks such as "Wanted" and "This Fire" ensure that any electro-industrial dj on the planet must tight-watch the security of this CD as it remains the absolute-salvation against an empty dancefloor. Dennis Ostermann (In Strict Confidence / Controlled Fusion) and Vanessa Briggs compliment HMB, a side project of Daniel Myer (Haujobb, Cleen, Clear Vision) and Victoria Lloyd (Claire Voyant and Monochrome).

01. Initiation...
02. Wanted
03. This Fire
04. Night Vision
05. Everything
06. Siren
07. In The Beginning
08. Falling Stars
09. Impulse
10. Return
11. Turn To Stone
12. Information
13. Might Have Been
14. ...Revelation

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That's right! Now, the only thing you'll need when deserted on any island is this album downloaded to your iPod.

~Jett Black