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Clan of Xymox - In Love We Trust
Release: August 2009

A solid release from late 2009, In Love We Trust is a good listen and still very relevant. Most likely you’ve heard the single “Emily”, or one of its remixes, played in your local gothic/industrial-friendly club.

From the brief yet informative bio from Metroplis Records, I am reminded that the previous Clan of Xymox album, Farewell (2003), “yielded club-friendly songs sitting comfortably alongside moody atmosphere tracks to create a hybrid which can be only remotely described as Dark Goth Electro”. Indeed, the main formula of Clan of Xymox now is “Gothic Rock” with dark electro elements, but labels can be deceiving! The question is, does Clan of Xymox dare to expand on their 2003 success, or do they stick to this new-found formula? While I usually can forgive a failed release or two when an act decides to make sacrifices of formula for artistic growth (the latest offerings from Meat Beat Manifesto and Juno Reactor, for example), there is a time in a bands’ journey to stick with what works… and that is precisely what we have here. While sticking to Farwell’s success, let’s not forget that it was years of lonely prodding about in unchartered waters that brought Clan of Xymox where they are now; comfortably and confidently applying what they have learned to create: valid, deep, and distinctive music.

I truly hope you enjoy this release as much as I do!

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Track listing:
01. Emily
02. Hail Mary
03. Desdemona
04. Judas
05. In Love We Trust
06. Sea Of Doubt
07. Morning Glow
08. Home Sweet Home
09. Love Got Lost
10. On A Mission

~Alexavier S. Strangerz