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ohGr - Undeveloped

On Ohgr’s last album, The Devil’s In My Details, Skinny Puppy frontman, Kevin (Nikev) Ogilvie (Ogre) departed from his IBM stylings to bring us an experimental audio-mapping sound collage with very little dancefloor fodder. I was not certain where Undeveloped would go, but equally unable to resist, I take the plunge and find a marriage of Welt’s style and Devil’s distant mutilation of structure. Luckily for consumers, Ohgr has more to say. Listen closely as the rants and chants are not always presented front and center, yet words and phrases pop out and greet you as the music spirals back and forth.

Albums such as these take several listens to capture both the nuance of the lyrics and the brilliance of the accompaniment. If you are an Ohgr fan, you need little persuasion from me to go ahead and grab this one. If The Devil’s In My Details left you wanting more, be assured the legacy continues. If the title is any indication, this is just another step in a larger plan being developed. If this is a work in progress, I’m dying to hear what the end product will be! Until then, chew on this for awhile. There is plenty of meat on this bone!

Track List:
01. 101_Intro
02. 101
03. Crash_Intro
04. Crash
05. Pissage
06. Comedown
07. Typer
08. Screw Me
09. Bellew
10. Hollow
11. Tra Gek
12. Animist
13. Nitwitz
14. Collidoskope (Hidden)

~Alexavier S. Strangerz