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Accessory - Underbeat
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Due to the anticipation of the new Skinny Puppy release, HanDover , this latest installment from Accessory almost flew under the radar! Luckily, it has been patiently awaiting my review. So without further ado...

Coming on strong with heavy synth-lines and jaunty percussion, the first track “The Mouth” definitely gets my blood pumping. Followed by the part bouncy, part angsty, “Voran” (with lyrics mostly in German), I do belive I found my favorite track on this release! Not so fast… the “clean” version of “Keen Girl” is a keeper, too. The fun continues with the track “Shout It Out”, but I prefer the more subdued beats of “Startime”. Next comes the not-so-clean “Ruff Fuxxx”, destined to be a fetish night favorite!

This release is worth your time. The bulk of the tracks are good or better. Another track that falls in the 'better' category is “Sunrise”. “Dim the lights now, turn the sound down, kiss me quickly cause the world is ending all around us. If we watch the sunrise, we should feel how close we are.” I will definitely throw “Sunrise” into some sets once I start playing out again!

Although the last few songs are slightly obligatory, as I stated before there really are no bad songs on this release. Four out of five stars is the best I usually give, and Underbeat earned all of them. So, what are you waiting for? Get this!

Track List:
01. The Mouth
02. Voran
03. Keen Girl (Clean Version)
04. Shout It Out
05. Startime
06. Ruff Fuxxx
07. Tanzrichtung vorwärts
08. Sunrise
09. World 6000
10. She Says It Feels Good

~Alexavier S. Strangerz