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Tape Recorder 3: Deep Politiks
Lofted Music

Tape Recorder 3 presents Deep Politiks, pulling listeners into a Joy Division state of mind-space once agin as a follow-up to their rough-cut demo, Masked and Mechanize.

While they may be a bit more polished with this new album, the guitar-laden “garage sound” that intrigued me with their previous effort still echoes strong throughout this release.

A little bit gutter punk, a little groovy rock and roll, Deep Politiks unearths a few lyrical gems along the way: “Well the Gibbs are divine, they kicked a hole in my spine, and things aren’t so dull… with that crack in my skull.” (“Living 4 Disco”).

“Wired to Hive”, a retro departure within the collage, experiments with falsetto reminiscent of big hair and 80’s ballad rock.

Deep Politiks sets a swanky tone of dark alternative-rock for off-center intellectuals.

~Sonya Brown