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Thor - Thunderstryke

Iron Pegasus Records

Thor charges up his thunder chariot to take us on an epic adventure in his latest album, Thunderstryke (Iron Pegasus Records). The intro – “Collider” – sets the scene for the story about to unfold: Thor and Galaxina escape in a golden winged chariot from the dark caverns of the cave beasts and the fire gates of Jotunheim. Their destination: the sacred halls of Valhalla.

The anthemic “Der Thunderstryker” starts us off with a roar of thunder, chock full of bravado. “Hey With You” is raw and contemptuous (with fantastic lead guitar). “Metal Warriors” are indeed heroic champions! It’s Party Time in Valhalla as we celebrate “High Times”.

“Rock N Roll” is an excellent Led Zeppelin cover. “Flight to the Stars/Warriors of the Universe” takes us on a cosmic journey before melding into the Thor classic “Warriors of the Universe” - the song is already timeless but now supercharged to a higher celestial level. “Megaton Man” is another Thor classic, but this updated version also serves as a vital part of the storyline. (Excellent percussion!) “Gladiator’s Arena” is a battle royale – an ultimate duel. The pheromone-laced infatuation of “Lady” has Thor falling under the spell of an enchantress.

“That Girl Is Poison” is dangerously toxic. “Interception” is a pure adrenaline rush. The thunderous “Now Comes The Storm” exposes intense relationship conflicts. “We Came Here” is a joyous celebration. “Ceremony of the Gods” is triumphant, with Odin praising the Thor Korr in the outro.

Great album! The Crowgrrl has it in my personal Heavy Rotation stack, and highly recommends it!

~Athena Schaffer