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Tape Recorder 3: Masked and Mechanized
Lofted Music

With a cabalistic vocal style drifting somewhere between Joy Divison and The Doors, Masked and Mechanized rides in on a foamy indie wave with “Sailor”, then casts an anarchic anchor with “Atrocities In Space”.

Recently, during a languid Oregon seaside sojourn along coastal 101, I auditioned Masked and Mechanized beneath sodden gray skies as the perfect backdrop for the dark ambient guitar and title-track lyrical musings: “storms outside, rattle the trees, rain comes down in shatters and streams.”

Pushing the avant-garde envelope, Tape Recorder 3’s latest missive, Masked and Mechanized, is intellectual, without being snooty; punk, without the nihilism; and ‘underground,’ without pretension. Whether it’s a cinematic accompaniment to the daily grind, or a contemplative backdrop to a long drive, listeners can take what they need from this rough-cut demo.

~Sonya Brown