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Svarti Loghin - Through The Void

Svarti Loghin’s sophomore release, Drifting Through The Void (ATMF) takes us on a luscious, melodic Metal journey exploring both the farthest reaches of the cosmos to the dark recesses of the inner mind. Moods ranging from tranquil wonder to painful screams are sure to make this an experience you won’t soon forget (and probably will frequently revisit with numerous spins in the CD player).

Hailing from Sweden, Svarti Loghin – which means “Black Flame” in archaic Swedish – are: guitarist/vocalist/keyboardist S.L., guitarist/clean vocalist Limpan, bassist Raymond N, and drummer Emil.

“Red Sun Sets” has a tranquil, aquatic feel like the last rays of the day reflecting on calm waters. The marathon 8-minute “Kosmik Tomhet” gives the false impression of being an instrumental, as the vocals follow a very long intro. The song itself is beautiful, full of wonder like drifting in space among the stars. The gorgeous guitars are a sharp contrast against the tormented wailing vocals in “Odelagd Framtid”.

“Drifting Through The Void” Rocks out with the strength of a dangerous meteorite shower, with a bit of a twang that sharply changes direction to an almost Guns N Roses type vibe. “Nightsky Interlude” is stormy, like being trapped in a dank, musty castle with thunder and lightning raging outside.

Screaming vocals echo under gorgeous riffs in “Bury My Heart In These Starlit Waters”. The Black Sabbath cover, “Planet Caravan”, is pretty true to the original and actually fits like a glove with the rest of this album. “Stargazer” is a microcosm of the rest of the album, with a variety of moods from solemn wonder to primal screams.

~Athena Schaffer