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The Barbarellatones - The Sound of Love
Sex With Lurch Music
Release: August 2011

The latest in surfadelic sex sounds hits the streets via The Sound of Love. Try as I might, “love” isn’t the first thing that comes to mind while giving this one a spin, unless by love you mean thrusting, lusty, wanton fornication. If that’s the case, then love it is! And, The Barbarellatones are here to love the hell out of you; so let’s dive under the covers and rock n’ roll around a bit with some “sounds of love”, Barbarellatones style.

Speaking of covers, this release has two unique and excellent covers: A spaced-out version of Bowie’s “Rebel Rebel” is sure to retro-rock you; along with an electrifying version of The Velvet Underground‘s “White Light, White Heat”.

You don’t need too much imagination to figure out the title track… The ooooh’s, and ahhhh’s punk up those love sounds to eleven on the Richter scale.

Dolph Lundgren’s name doesn’t exactly leap to the top of the pile when you think of muscular thespians, yet The Barbarellatones pay homage to Dolph in the hunky song, “Dolph Lundgren”. A fun track! The twangy country-fried “Sex Cow” goes down on the farm for some larger lovin’.

A few tracks from Glitter Beach are included to round out The Sound of Love: “Surf Beat”, “Roasted”, "Ride Surfer Ride”, “Redneck Riviera”, and “Lonely Beach”.

The Sound of Love is a fast and fun ride from Robbie Quine and The Barbarellatones. Get your digital download at CD BABY.

~Sonya Brown