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Sons Of The Radio - Heartstrings & Heresies

Heartstrings & Heresies is the self-released debut album by Sons Of The Radio, and if this is anything to judge by, this is definitely a band to watch as the future approaches. Aptly named, the band is influenced by and pays homage to AOR and Alternative Radio soundscapes. Their music is as timeless as it is Rockin’!

Hailing from Laurel, MD, Sons Of The Radio are: vocalist Gomez, guitarist and vocalist Mike Sullivan, drummer Jimmy Herberson, and bassist Tom Kravulski. The band is known best for their live shows in the Mid Atlantic region, and it’s only a matter of time before they conquer the world. Find out more at .

Sons Of The Radio’s signature sound is built on rock solid drum/bass foundations, soaring guitars, and crystal clear vocals. The album is downright catchy throughout, and impossible to sit still through.

“Just Press Go” is a schizophrenic song – a Frankenstein’s monster of moods from fast-paced catchy interspersed with more mellow feels, but in a way that totally works. It’s Alive! Alive! The first single from the album, “Get It In” is a sultry encounter with a temptress.

The electricity-charged “Til Tonight” builds with excitement. The dark, manic “Center So Vile” faces inner demons. “Suspicious” is my personal favorite, slightly dangerous and filled with intrigue.

“On The Road” just plain Rocks Out! The bass-driven intro brings us into the feral “Tomorrow’s Wolves” – another stand-out gem.

~Athena Schaffer