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Slow Burning Car -Vol. 2 – The Scattering

Surprisingly diverse and sometimes challenging to define, any thorough audition of this full length release will both amaze and delight a wide demographic of appreciative audiences.

Lyrical content song by song tends to range from epic sci-fi literature and cinematic favorites to staunchly political anti-establishmentarianism to still further remote genres that explore the collaborative interests and talents of each band-mate.

This writers favorites include the first two tracks which appeal to any sci-fi lore master; “Adama” references themes from Battlestar Gallactica; “Ghola” references various concepts from Frank Herbert’s Dune series.

In general, this album takes a listener on a swift yet provocative ride through various styles from crooning ballads, righteous indignation, and all-together glorious and hard-hitting Rock-n-Roll mayhem.

Track listing :
01.  Adama
02.  Ghola
03.  Zeus
04.  Blowback
05.  In The Trees
06.  Marry Me
07.  Man In Crisis
08.  Call My Bluffo
09.  Harum Scarum
10.   First Class
11.   Siren
12.   Fabian's Stroll

~Jett Black