CD Reviews > SKOLD vs. KMFDM

KMFDM Records
Release: 2009

A bold new adventure awaits every die-hard fan of KMFDM . Ambient noise, and down-tempo electro mix with traditional KMFDM stylings of aggro-industrial EBM, and rivet-punk ingratitude. At first glance, with 22 tracks on the roster, I know what you're thinking. "Did Tim Skold and Kapt’n K. fire off 22 blisteringly progressive hardcore industrial tracks, or none of the above?" Well, to tell you the truth, in the bloodbath of all this creative innovation, I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is KMFDM, the most remarkably tenacious and persevering industrial rock band in the world, who wouldn't hesitate to tear it all apart , you've got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel up to the challenge? Well, do ya, punk? Just when scores of industrial music fans and critics had turned away from KMFDM's penchant for recycling the same familiar style, SKOLD vs KMFDM, genuinely brings something fresh to the table! This latest effort foreshadows a divergent direction for KMFDM while still holding on to signature overtures of aggression and hard hitting beats. Resistant to change much? Trust me, beginning anew with SKOLD vs KMFDM, you're going to enjoy KMFDM much more now than during the past several years amid the then decidely sub-standard quality of the band's releases. Looking for variety and a fresh start? Variety and innovation is what you will find spawning from the copulation of the actual songs and their corresponding interludes, some of these pairings resemble one another in no way whatsoever. This reviewer intentionally leaves the finer details open to the discovery of each reader who may choose to more personally tune in and explore KMFDM once again, beginning with SKOLD vs KMFDM. Re-join now the revolutionary march with a revitilized KMFDM and continue on an invigorating journey next with BLITZ.


01. Why Me
02. Bloodsport (Interlude)
03. Antigeist
04. Alkohol (Interlude)
05. Bloodsport
06. Error 404 (Interlude)
07. Love Is Like
08. Antigeist (Interlude)
09. It's Not What
10. Love Is Like (Interlude)
11. A Common Enemy
12. Porn, Kitsch And Firearms (Interlude)
13. Error 404
14. All Or Nothing (Interlude)
15. Porn, Kitsch And Firearms
16. It's Not What (Interlude)
17. Gromky
18. A Common Enemy (Interlude)
19. Alkohol
20. Gromky (Interlude)
21. All Or Nothing
22. Why Me (Interlude)

~Jett Black