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The Sins: The Undone
SINister Records

The third album from Seattle’s gun-slinging all-star gothabilly-punk underground favorites, The Sins, erupts with a bang! Gunfights, guitars, and audio-technology storm into The Undone; rolling over a rockin’ precipice by the outstanding violin work of classically trained violinist, Jyri Glynn.

“Abigail,” my favorite track from the album, sets the mood for a dark goth-alt-country feel, with the electric fiddle embedding a delightful earworm that won’t soon leave your psyche. “Abigail,” a track recorded in 2009, was The Sins first single in 4 years.

Mosey into “Sintown”, another favorite track, where vocalist J. Van Huisman croons a bawdy ballad worthy of those lusty residents of Deadwood.

Hailing from the Wild, Wild (North)West, The Sins reunite to bring us this long awaited album. Is The Undone to be The Sins swan song?

             "Let music sound while he doth make his choice; Then, if he lose, he makes a swan-like end, fading in music."
             [William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice]

Track List:
01. El Guitarro
02. Abigail
03. Arms of Devoria
04. Stone Goes Cold
05. Chi Chi
06. Temple of the Midnight Sun
07. Wrapped
08. No Tomorrow
09. Don't You Cry
10. Sintown
11. Tonight
12. Undone

~Sonya Brown