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Satan's Host - Power-Purity-Perfection 999
Moribund Records

What’s that pungent scent permeating the air? Could it be Sulfur and Brimstone? Very probably, surrounding the latest release from the black-robed minions of Satan’s Host: Power-Purity-Perfection 999 (Moribund Records). The album is saturated from start to finish with all three of the title’s virtues.

For Creature Feature’s Horror Movie fans, let’s just say that this album is a musical equivalent of such classics of cinematic history as: Curse of the Demon, Black Sunday, Rosemary’s Baby, Race With The Devil, The Omen, Ninth Gate, etc., etc.

Check out the videos on the band’s Youtube site.

Hailing from Colorado, Satan’s Host are: guitarist Patrick Evil, drummer Anthony “Evil Little Hobbit” Lopez, and bassist Margar. For this and many previous recordings, L.C.F. Eli Elixer was the vocalist/lyricist/High Priest, but recently the band has brought in Jag Panzer vocalist Leviathan Thirisen (Harry Conklin). Harry had been the original vocalist for the band’s 1986 debut album Metal From Hell and the 1987 bootlegged unreleased Midnight Wind.

Patrick Evil stated, “The idea for a reunion with Harry has been building up for a number of years. I felt that this was the right time to go ahead with it. Me and Harry have felt that we had unfinished business to attend to, and we’re heading full force!”

With the exception of two live shows – Club Inferno at PT’s in Denver, Colorado, on March 27 and the Keep It True Festival in Koenigshofen, Germany on April 23 – the band is preparing to sequester itself back in the studio for a new release with Harry on vocals, due to be released later this year by Moribund Records. It’s being recorded in Flatline Studio with producer Dave Otero (Cephalic Carnage, Martriden) at the helm.

Anthony Lopez comments, “The new material is in the same vein as PPP…999, but a bit more explosive and surprising. We’ve added some very interesting twists to the music and the concept. Pat is a cornucopia of Evil Music, and regardless of what has been said or stated in the past, he has always been the stronghold of the music and the life force of Satan’s Host.”

The band is also set to unleash a new DVD, Assault of Evil…666 (Moribund Records) on April 23. The DVD was recorded during the Great American Scapegoat Tour in 2008, and features bonus material such as performances from the past two decades, and the band’s Samhain 2009 show.

Otero also produced Power-Purity-Perfection…999. The band entered the studio on Walpurgis Nacht – May Eve – one of the two most important days on the Infernal Calendar, when the Veils between the Worlds are the thinnest. This definitely infused this elegant ceremony with even more potent Magick. The album is divided into three distinct parts, each representing one of the virtues of the album’s moniker.

Lyrically, the album was inspired by Michael W. Ford, Aleister Crowley, and such books as Lords of the Left Hand Path by Stephen E. Flowers, An Age For Lucifer by Robert C. Tucker, Mysteries of the Temple of Set by Don Webb, and 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.

We start with Part I in this trilogy: Power. Warrior spirit permeates the war-cry of "Sitra-Ahra (Power 9)". "Dark Priest- Lord Ahriman" unleashes demonic forces, punctuated by fantastic guitars, growling vox, and pronounced percussion. Wonderful song! "Buer" is a lovely serenade for infernal royalty, and features a gorgeous melodic guitar solo.

Now we segue to Part 2: Purity. "333 (Purity 9)" is a respectful summoning, with a myriad of moods making it as beautiful as dancing candle flames on an altar. "End All – Be All – 2012" is a profound ushering-in of a new era, melding Mayan prophecies with Luciferian supremecy. Majestic dark melodies abound in the reverent "Azael: 9 Lords – 9 Keys – Abyss-King". "Paimon" is a luscious but brief instrumental.

The Grand Finale awaits in Part 3: aptly known as Perfection. The Crowgrrl absolutely LOVES "Luciferian Spirit (Perfection 9)" - it can only be described as pure Power & Glory. "Satanic Magick – Evil Divine" is a stunning, compelling ritual indeed! I also absolutely love the anthemic "Xem Deitus – 999"!

~Athena Schaffer