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Dr. Sarcofiguy - Demo(ns): The Many Moods of Dr. Sarcofiguy

Lemon Pi

Horror host Dr. Sarcofiguy has never failed to entertain us with his wit and wisdom, and now he’s sharing yet another dimension of himself with us – a fun musical romp known as Demo(ns): The Many Moods of Dr. Sarcofiguy.

The cover notes hint at a split-personality disorder known as “Omni-PanPolaric”, and indeed each of the songs on this album has a style and personality all its own, each one a brilliantly colored segment of a musical kaleidoscope.

“Buccal Nudity” has fantastic vocal harmonies with a “Do-Wap” feel, reminiscent of the a-cappella origins of bands such as The Four Seasons. The harmonies in this song are absolutely captivating! Next we’re treated to The Crowgrrl’s favorite track on the album, “Nosferatu”! You can’t help snapping fingers alo with his catchy romp done in a Horror-Punk vein a la Shadow Reichenstein or The Young Werewolves as Dr. Sarcofiguy attempts to shake off a vampiric seduction (interspersed with hilarious spoken pleas). I love it! Then we’re transported to a smoky cabaret where a sole pianist accompanies this heartfelt Lycanthropic lament.

An ethereal, spacey mood permeates the psychedelic/rap fusion of “Intracations” (which also boasts some nice fretwork). “My Girlfriend Is On Fire” is definitely interesting – tortured screams permeate this tale told in almost Operatic vocals over an almost Carnival or Vaudeville style calliope. The smooth, jazzy “Butter (This Hot Monster Soul)” channels a very lonely Frankenstein’s monster looking for love. The bluesy, keyboard-driven “Never Jeckyll, Always The Hyde” takes a look inside the twisted, remorseless monster’s mind.

The sultry “To Be Near To You” has a dangerous edge, following an intent, focused stalker. The Very catchy “A Brief History” immediately compels the listener to start tapping your toes along with the rich a-cappella melodies. “Nosferatu (Zappa Mix)” is a bit more eclectic than the original, and doesn’t have quite as much of the spoken word comedy as the original version. It’s still good, but the other one’s better.

Lon Chaney may have been known as the “Man of a Thousand Faces”, but Dr. Sarcofiguy – er, his alter-ego John Dimes – is on his way to catching up. Besides his Horror Host duties and musical career, this multi-faceted entertainer is also an Author, Illustrator, Comedian, and Actor. He’s written several novels, including the graphic novel “Tales of Home”, the surreal thriller “Coincidissonance”, “Intracations”, and the mockumentary guidebook “The White Corpse Hustle: A Guide for the Fledgeling Vampire”.

~Athena Schaffer