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Saltillo - Ganglion (Re-issue)
Artoffact Records

Take heart, afficianados of trip-hop style electronic violin, Artoffact Recordings has just re-released Ganglion, a magnificent album re-mastered, and now including the bonus track, “Denim”.

“A Necessary End” plunges listeners down a melancholic rabbit hole swirling into decadent layers of cello and viola. “Giving In” features luminous female vocals. “Remember Me” has an exotic sitar-flavor.

“A Simple Test” combines a perfect blend of warm and fuzzy retro-samples and urban-contemporary drum beats – oh how I remember those days of plugging in that head-cleaner tape and balancing my stereo speakers for that perfect stereophonic sound!

“A Hair on the Head of John the Baptist” is sinfully delightful. Each track on Ganglion takes listeners on an all new and quite original trippy little journey!

Ganglion takes classical sixteenth century sonic disciplines and plummets them shamelessly into the apocalyptic here and now throughout an album that is as deserving of an intellectual Renaissance today as it is of appreciation by any discerning lovers of modern ambient/electronica. Well done.

Track List:
01. A Necessary End
02. Giving In
03. Remember Me?
04. A Simple Test
05. A Hair on the Head of John the Baptist
06. Blood and Milk
07. The Opening
08. Backyard Pond
09. Grafting
10. Praise
11. I'm on the Wrong Side
12. Denim
13. 002 F#m

~Sonya Brown