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PlatEAU - Gort Spacebar
Subconscious Communications

I'm afraid I must first define this newest PlatEAU release by what it is not before I can get into what it is. You see, defining music by labels can be a very dangerous thing! I received notice of this new release by via an email where they described the album as ”psy-trance”. In my Time Warp ’09 review of Infected Mushroom’s Legend of the Black Shawrama. I point out that Infected Mushroom is definitive psychedelic trance, so I must warn you… Gort Spacebar is nothing like Infected Mushroom. However, it is also not very much like Spacecake, either; which is a previous PlatEAU release. I won’t go into a detailed review of Spacecake here, but I will say that the release left me wanting more! Well, despite my disappointment that Gort Spacebar doesn’t have seering guitars or epic vocals that would push the music into the ‘psy-trance’ category, I do find that this set of music (with its over the top electronic melodies and futuristic electro-pop gesturing) does in face deserve to be in the same catalog as Download III and Effector , III Steps Forward and Inception), solo cEvin Key (Music For Cats, The Ghost of Each Room), and even some Skinny Puppy!

Much is left to the imagination in the sparseness of the production. Not to say that the bleeps and blurps don’t fit together like electronic Legos, but the absence of lyrics and/or vocal samples let the musical elements communicate directly to you.

Now, here is the best part! This is a very affordable release. Going directly to the Subconscious Communications website allows you to purchase Gort Spacebar for a mere $10.00 including shipping; or you can do as I did and go futuristic with this release and get a digital download straight to your iPod at (where you can listen to samples from the album before you buy and receive a discount to download the tracks for $8.91. The major advantage to a digital download, of course, is having the music as fast as your internet connection will allow! You do have to print your own album art and burn your own hardcopy, a minor inconvenience. This is PlatEAU’s 5th release, and the future looks good for this side project!

~Alexavier S. Strangerz