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Pitchfork Motorway
Self Released Jan. 2011

Generating a bone-shaking rev under the hood, this chassis debuts with all that raw energy which continues to make Portland, Oregon a mecca for progressive punk rock aficianados.

Ballad-free and ready to rock, this is not the soundtrack for high-brow tea-sipping. Raw, punk rock guitars, new wave keyboards, and raucous male vocals accented by catchy female harmonies create a confection best served with a Jägerbomb under neon beer light.

Favorite tracks include “Gimme Danger” (the female vocals on this track invoke images of Superspy girls who are as comfortable toting Uzis as they are microphones); “Black n’Blue”, and “Lollipop” (this will become an earwig!).

Pitchfork Motorway is a good time, but keep your eyes on the speedometer when you take this one for spin.

Download at: CD Baby.

Track List:
01. Gimme Danger
02. Black N’Blue
03. Love and Devotion
04. Running with the Bulls
05. Rock N’Roll
06. Grin
07. Lollipop
08. Kill Kill Kill

~Sonya Brown