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Peter Murphy - Ninth
Nettwerk Records

When I heard news there was a new Peter Murphy album available, it was after pre-release or reviewer copies had gone out, so I hustled over to where -- along with copies of the cd and vinyl (yes vinyl) -- was an mp3 download version of the new music. During the download process, I cleared my mind of what Peter's music is to me.

I've been a devout follower since the first Bauhaus break-up and subsequent release of Should The World Fail to Fall Apart (the debut of Peter Murphy solo). With Love Hysteria and Deep, Peter had left mere 'Gothic' rock behind and moved into a more Alternative rock era. This crossing over worked very well, the timing was right, particularly for Deep, which has a few hit singles and a video version of “Cuts You Up”.

The next few albums, Holy Smoke and Cascade, would find Mr. Murphy in a less rock orientated 'ethereal' space, and were therefore not as popular. Relentlessly moving forward (as well as moving to Istanbul, Turkey), by the time Peter released his eight album, Dust, he had married the Turkish styles of folk/pop, surrounding him with his own brand of Gothic rock, releasing one of the best Metropolis titles ever (in my humble opinion). However, the experimental sound, although critically acclaimed and carried out live without a flaw, did not bring Peter back to his former glory.

So what could the Ninth release in such an ever progressing career bring us? Even just scanning the titles such as “Velocity Bird”, “I Spit Roses”, and “Seesaw Sway” had me chomping at the bit to hit 'play all' in my Windows media player! To my surprise, I found a more brash, almost harsh rock presentation to the songs. After settling in to the style, Peter's voice cuts through the instrumentation to bring you back to focus.

If you're a Peter Murphy, or even a Bauhaus fan, you want this disk. There is a world tour coming to America this fall. Certainly he will play older songs along with these new gems, but you don't want to miss out on knowing the newer songs when you go, do you? Head on over to and purchase the c.d.! Ninth is a great album -- and it's ready to energize you on a lazy afternoon.

~Alexavier S. Strangerz