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Neonfly - Outshine The Sun

Rising Records

Neonfly’s debut full length album, Outshine The Sun (Rising Records) does indeed shine with the intensity of a supernova! A variety of influences shine through from pure Power Metal to Prog melodies and orchestral arrangements – everything from fist-pumping sing-alongs to larger-than-life theatrics and everything in-between. This album immediately earned a slot in my personal heavy rotation stack on first listen!

Rock Band players, listen up! The excellent song “Ship With No Sails” is available for download!

Hailing from London, Neonfly are: guitarist/composer/founder Frederick Thunder, vocalist Willy Norton, bassist Paul Miller, guitarist Patrick Harrington, and drummer Boris LeGal.

Some of the tracks on the album made their first appearance on the band’s self-released EP, Clever Disguise, but they’re polished to celestial brilliance in this incarnation.

“Broken Wings” leads us into the album as it fights adversity with both strength and grace. “The Enemy” unleashes venomous ferocity. The aforementioned “Ship With No Sails” melds profound lyrics with an ethereal orchestral edge. Gorgeous! “A Gift To Remember” is an awesome song with entrancing musicianship and lyrics laced with a contrast of beauty and destruction.

The multi-textured “The Revenant” (a French term for Ghost) is indeed haunting! The excellent instrumental “The Ornament” absolutely glows like the Aurora Borealis. “Reality Shift” emits powerful emotions, fantastic fretwork, and gripping vocals and choruses. Love it!

“Spitting Blood” has a chilling, dangerous edge. A Middle Eastern flavor permeates “Morning Star” – one of my absolute favorite tracks on the album. Awesome song! “The Messenger” starts off like a power ballad before changing gears and revving up to a frenzy pace. “I Think I Saw A UFO” is pure straightforward, addictive Fun!

Right now the album’s only available in Europe, but import copies are available from for North American, Asian, and Australian readers. Hopefully wider distribution will be available soon, and hopefully a world tour will follow for these deserving, talented guys.

~Athena Schaffer