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Neonfly - Clever Disguise

Rarely does a band’s debut album grip the listener in an inescapable spell from the first notes of the intro to the final song’s fade out, but that’s exactly what Neonfly have achieved with their first offering, Clever Disguise.

The album is pure enchantment, an intoxicating potion combining a variety of influences from pure Power Metal to Prog melodies and orchestral arrangements – everything from fist-pumping sing-alongs to larger-than-life theatrics and everything in-between. This album immediately earned a slot in my personal heavy rotation stack on first listen!

Hailing from London, Neonfly is: frontman Tamas Csemez, guitarist/composer Frederick Thunder, guitarist Patrick Harrington, bassist Paul Miller, and drummer Mauricio Chamucero. If this band is breaking out of the starting gate with this much excellence, they’re definitely a band to watch in the future!

"Reality Shift" soars with powerful emotions, fantastic fretwork, and gripping vocals and choruses! The intense "Broken Wings" fights back against adversities – and features guest vocals from TNT’s Tony Mills.

The addictive "I Think I Saw A UFO" is straightforward Fun! The unforgiving "Gonna Shoot You Right Down" turns the tables on a manipulative heartbreaker. Excellent musicianship with a symphonic edge punctuates the profound, ethereal "Ship With No Sails".

The Crowgrrl HIGHLY recommends this album!

~Athena Schaffer