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Marty Friedman - Live In Europe
Mascot Records

Marty Friedman has long been one of The Crowgrrl’s favorite guitarists – ever since I first heard his masterful licks way back when he was in Megadeth. His extraordinary talent and charismatic personality have propelled him to a light as bright as shining dawn in the Land of the Rising Sun itself, his current home of choice.

Despite his numerous awards and achievements he’s accumulated over his solo career (too numerous to mention here – check out his website!), Marty shines the brightest in the live arena. This is evidenced in crystal clarity on his album, Live In Europe. This is an addictive mix of his solo guitar artistry against the backdrop of a backing band. No lyrics are necessary: music is indeed the universal language!

The bleak yet exciting “Theme From Namida (Fears)” sets a cool atmosphere of anticipation. “Elixir” is the musical equivalent as a high-powered energy drink. “Anvil (celluloid revenge ending)” is definitely hard-hitting. “Gimme A Dose” is indeed addictive.

“Street Demon” brings to mind imagery from Fast & Furious: Tokyo Drift. It’s hard to sit still through “It’s The Unreal Thing” where the fretwork pounds right along with the percussion. Racing chrome and steel burns the asphalt in “Fuel Injection Stingray”. “Stigmata Addiction” is a reflective meditation in some parts, razor sharp in others, then pure pummeling thrown in for good measure.

“Tibet” glitters like sunlight reflecting on mountain snow. The emotional “Angel” is a pure Eastern-flavored beauty. “Paradise Express” is the guitar translation of watching amazing landscapes race by through train windows. The guitar and bass counterbalance is brilliant in the iron-pumping “Ripped”.

Cheerleaders go wild in the action-packed “Cheer Girl Rampage”. The majestic, eloquent “Thunder March” is fit for a Thunder God himself. “Ballad of the Barbie Bandits” is indeed interesting. The only entry with any vocals is the rollicking rendition of the Elvis classic, “Hound Dog”.

~Athena Schaffer