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Marilyn Manson: The High End of Low

I may lose some Goth points here, but I must confess something: I like Marilyn Manson. Always have. Sure, I strayed a bit over the years; lost touch and became jaded. Mr. Manson, a brilliant musician, exhibits an outlandish personality both on and offstage. His autobiography, The Long Hard Road out of Hell, opened a multi-faceted window into a rather tragic and amusing perspective upon a world gone awry.

The High End of Low tempts my on again/off again devotion for this cult-rock sensation. Rather than becoming another CD collecting dust on the shelves, I find that the novelty just never wears off. Now, I find myself searching for it on my iPod, turning up the volume, and, just like the good old days, feeling all angsty and aggressive again.

One of my favorite tracks, "Arma-godd**n-motherf**king-geddon", is sure to be the end of my car audio. Who else but Mr. Manson can have a song title consisting of one word, yet incorporating two swear words in said title? That, my friends, requires talent. I consider this my evil marching band anthem; privately embarrassing myself as I loudly sing along, looping back eventually to "I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The Movies". My perfect set includes the drama-rama-rific epic, "Running To The Edge Of The World", where I always swear that the vocals can't get any grittier; and then they do. Mr. Manson sings like he projectile vomits his words onto the floor, stomps on them with Franken-drag boots, rolls around in them for a while, then swallows 'em back down only to belt them out again. Mere ordinary words sound nasty melting beneath the genius of Mr. Manson. And I kinda' like that.

~Sonya Brown