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Marduk - Wormwood
Regain Records

Wormwood. The main ingredient in Absinthe. Also known as “The Green Fairy”, this rare drink has inspired Poets, Writers, and Artists for centuries – Hemmingway, Picasso, Van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, and Edgar Allan Poe among them. Now this muse is inspiring legendary Black Metal pioneers, Marduk, on their excellent new album “Wormwood”.

Hailing from Norrkoping, Sweden, Marduk are: founder/guitarist Morgan, vocalist Mortuus, drummer Lars B, and bassist Devo. Their intoxicating new release also heralds the band’s first US tour in 8 years!

Taking us into surreal worlds, Marduk’s 11th album is their best to date, which is an amazing feat since their others have all set the standards for Black Metal as well. This one is not only chilling, but inspiring and melodic amidst the ice-cold brutality.

We’re thrown into the midst of gunfire and battle in the "Nowhere, No-One, Nothing" war zone that starts the album. The deceptively tranquil "Funeral Dawn" have you turning up the speakers only to be thrown into an aural assault – the spoken word break giving an extra sense of danger. The sharp, biting guitars in "The Fleshly Void" only serve to kick up the torturous sense of agony.

The Crowgrrl LOVES the tolling bells and ominous bass in "Unclosing The Curse" – dark magic is unloosed indeed, unleashing deadly powers. "Into Utter Madness" races through the darkest recesses of the human psyche degenerating into pure, berserk primal rage. A scary guitar solo leads us into a gorgeous Luciferian hymn in "Phosphorous Redeemer".

The narration in "To Redirect Perdition" sends chills down the spine, leading to musicianship that conjures pure Hellfire! Fantastic song! The catchy, rebellious "Whorecrown" revels in lusty delights. The ominous "Chorus Of Cracking Necks" is a revolution against overlords. The dark bass and drums punctuate "As A Garment" show the poignant moment when Adam and Eve actually gain the gift of Knowledge.

~Athena Schaffer