CD Reviews The Legendary Pink Dots

The Legendary Pink Dots - Seconds Late for the Brighton Line (30th anniversary album)
Roir USA 2010

Normally I would say that I’m not the best one to review a new Legendary Pink Dots album because of my proximity to the project. Besides being easily lulled by the combination of Edward K-Spel’s vocals and the Silverman’s keyboard creations, over the years I’ve become friends with my heroes and love everything they do. But the times, they are a-changin’ and The Dots just lost 2 members (windwood player Neils, and guitarist/violinist Martin) so I had to put all pre-conceived notions of LPD out of my head and just dive in!

ROIR-USA offered a unique opportunity with this release. Buy the double LP version of Seconds Late and get instant access to a digital copy from the ROIR site. So, I could have the music in a matter of hours. Done! The digital version was a stream and not a download as I had hoped, but I still got my fix. Later in the mail I received my double LP to go with my vinyl collection. Here are live versions from Plutonium Blond Tour (2009) not available elsewhere.

For the realization of this project, LPD is Edward K-Spel (vocals, keyboard, noise), Phil “The Silverman” Knight (rhythmic keyboards and samplers), Eric Drost (guitar), Raymond Steeg (sound wizardry & production). The Legendary Pink Dots recurring theme is the terminal kaleidoscope, and you can really hear that machine winding onward and downward on these sones. The album flow of this release is spot-on brilliant. The first three songs meld together with Edward’s vocals mixed to front and center.

Although my favorite line on the album is “really feel alone now, I really need a hug, maybe more, I’ll clean the floor for your contaminated love”, my favorite song comes in later ... the very sonic “No Star Too Far”. Indeed it’s worth waiting for! This whole album is a journey to go on time and time again.

If you are a new fan, start here and later delve into some of their classics (like The Maria Dimension, , etc.) This calmer sonic presentation of Psychedelic Goth-Rock is probably going to be their sound for the next couple of albums. Live, I hear it is spell binding! So, if you missed it this year, the word is that after 30 years they still are not done yet and will most likely tour the USA and Europe again next year! Come out and I hope to see you!

01. Russian Roulette
02. Endless Time
03. Leap Of Faith
04. Radiation Day
05. God And Machines
06. No Star Too Far
07. Someday
08. Hauptbahnhof 20:10
09. Ascension

~Alexavier S. Strangerz