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In This Moment - The Dream
Century Media

In This Moment transport us straight into Wonderland, a surreal place where dreams and reality merge to the point where you don’t know where one ends and the other begins. The band’s second album, appropriately entitled The Dream shows once again why this band almost instantaneously became a crowd favorite!

In This Moment are frontwoman Maria Brink, guitarists Chris Howorth and Blake Bunzel, bassist Jesse Landry, and drummer Jeff Fabb.

Howorth commented, “The basic idea behind calling our new album The Dream is that inside your dreams anything can happen, all the things that seem impossible or unreachable in the ‘real world’ become a reality in your dreams. We’ve always been a band that believes in the power of dreams and that believing is creating. We wanted to make a record that you can lay down with, shut off the lights and have a total outerbody experience. We also wanted the record to be like a rollercoaster ride with explosive highs, beautiful lows, and everything in between. Maria took her vocals to the next level and explored all the possibilities. Everyone will be surprised by all the melody, passion, and strength she brings to the record. The band pulled from within to create a powerful unique sound that no one will expect.”

Surrealistic whispering lures us down "The Rabbit Hole". The powerful "Forever" is full of optimism. Pure raw emotion against great catchy guitars and rhythms punctuate "All For You".

The dark, devastating "Lost At Sea" is ballady in parts, pure power in others. The crunching "Mechanical Love" looks at two unbending people, unable to compromise or find common ground. Dangerous passion swirls around "Her Kiss". Someone uttering their last words in "Into The Light" makes it feel both morbid and optimistic.

Emotional vocals over powerful crunches mark the celebratory "You Always Believed". Pure conflict creates a chaotic chasm in "The Great Divide". Total freedom is embraced in the powerful "Violet Skies". The surreal The Dream is very much Alice In Wonderland.

~Athena Schaffer