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Alexavier S. Strangerz: Industrial Double Feature

Front Line Assembly - Improvised Electronic Device
Label: Metropolis Records

I've not had 10 songs (or potential songs as the case may be) give me so much excitement in quite some time, but after hearing the single “Shifting Through The Lens” by industrial pioneers Front Line Assembly, I knew the full length release, Improvised Electronic Device (or I.E.D.) had the potential to rule the industrial scrap heap! I'm thrilled to report that even though judging an album by its single is like judging a book by its cover, somehow I was right on the money! I.E.D. rocks!

FLA has built a tried and true formula over the years. My worst fear going into this release was that they may deviate from the successful style of the last few albums, yet seasoned veterans like the members of FLA know you don't get anywhere making the same album over and over! So what kind of twist can the guys give to this release? Well, instead of something new, the twist is a more stripped-down production on many of the songs. A little less keyboard, a little more guitar, and either some really clever drum machine programming or some added live drums! There are some tracks where they layer up from those bare industrial bones into polyrythmic EBM, especially the single “Shifting Through The Lens”. Fans will most likely get the new album and single. If you are on the fence about jumping into the full album, get the single – and try not to become as excited as I did about the current sound of Front Line Assembly! BRAP ON!

Decoded Feedback - Aftermath
Label: Metropolis Records

Decoded Feedback bolts out of the gate like a thoroughbred wanting to win the race! If they keep up this pace, they will probably put a beat-down on your average EBM release. But Decoded Feedback has bigger plans, such as creating music that sticks closer to their industrial roots than a “dance” album could. Oh, there are infectious rhythms on Aftermath, but it’s the trademark stark vocalized atmospheric landscape painted by their sound creating deep, dark music that is not for the faint of heart.

Decoded Feedback slowly builds energy song by song. As far as I’m concerned, Decoded Feedback has an original sound and cannot be accused of styling their music after any preceding acts. Metropolis Records has definitely signed a winner with this act.


Front Line Assembly - Improvised Electronic Device
01. I.E.D.
02. Angriff
03. Hostage
04. Release
05. Shifting Through The Lens (Extended Version)
06. Laws Of Deception
07. Pressure Wave
08. Afterlife
09. Stupidity (featuring Al Jourgensen)
10. Downfall

Decoded Feedback - Ineffable Mysteries from Shpongleland
01. Silent Killer
02. Eternity Falls
03. Death Control
04. Affliction
05. Proteus Syndrome
06. Dark Reflections
07. Decompress
08. Shelter Me
09. Translucent
10. Demons
11. Mind Against Matter*
12. Godshit*
13. Where Am I*
14. Soultaker*
*Indicates deluxe version only

~Alexavier S. Strangerz