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Imperative Reaction - Self-titled (Sixth Release)
Metropolis Records

After listening to mainly gothic rock on the more ambient end of the spectrum, it was starting to affect my mood. I decided to perk myself up with some old school or psy-trance… my in-box becons with news from the Metropolis promotions team: Now available, the new Imperative Reaction release. If memory serves, some Imperative Reaction, along with a strong cup of coffee, should do the trick.

I download the zip file, eagerly extracting all into my Metropolis folder… and “play all” as I sip my chocolate coffee. Immediately I feel energized by the sound. Strong synth lines, infectious beats, and clear yet driven vocals assault my speakers. Yes! This is what I’ve been missing... and even more impressive, it’s NEW music.

What else have I missed while taking my side journey into psybient and psy-trance territory? Fortunately, I did not miss out on Imperative Reaction! My advice is to grab this release now. Better yet, go see them live (they are currently on tour), and pick up a copy directly from the band. Chances are, you will be so impressed you will pick up earlier releases as well.

So, Industrial fans, you can't say there isn't anything good out there any longer. And for those of you who attend convergences and conventions, Imperative Reaction is playing the Goth Cruise this year.

The track “Surface” is also available as a single.

Track List:
01. Side Effect
02. What Is Left To Say
03. Siphon
04. Song Of The Martyr
05. Torture
06. Surface
07. Time Doesn't Care
08. The Signal
09. Hype
10. Permanent
11. Closure

~Alexavier S. Strangerz