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Skinny Puppy - HanDover

A new Skinny Puppy album always comes with great anticipation, as they are renowned for being pioneers of industrial music. Playing by their own rules comes with the territory, so while truly excited about the release of HanDover , I also did my best to mentally divorce myself from thoughts of their impressive back catalogue. Instead, I turned my thoughts to the last couple of side releases by Skinny Puppy members, such as Fixer by Download and Undeveloped by ohGr. I enjoy such side projects -- some more than others -- but there always seems to be something missing when cEvin Key and Nivek Ogre are not present on the same release.

So, does HanDover satisfy? I’m rating this release with four out of five stars. Four stars is usually the highest I rate anything, and HanDover earned them all. This is Skinny Puppy, so I’m spoiled and I expect to be blown away! I know that most fans will be fine with this release, so if you are on the fence, go ahead and jump in. While I have only given the disc a few spins to-date, I expect to have it memorized soon… all-in-all, my entertainment dollar is well spent here with plenty of tantalizing layers and synthesized bliss.

Should Skinny Puppy tour for this release, I’m quite certain the live presentation will be excellent… so be sure to get the material before the show.

Track List:
01. Ovirt
02. Cullorblind
03. Wavy
04. Ashas
05. Gambatte
06. Icktums
07. Point
08. Brownstone
09. Vyrisus
10. Village
11. NoiseX

~Alexavier S. Strangerz